Shout It Out

From left, nurse Gina Barlow and infection prevention specialist Rachel Crosby discussing a patient on the 5th floor of University Tower. (Kristin Wallace/UConn Health)

Sometimes you just want to send a quick shout-out to a colleague who has done something nice or been especially helpful. That happened recently to Rachel Crosby, infection prevention specialist. A patient on the 5th floor was not following best practices when

Shout-Out mailboxes can be found in the patient elevator alcoves in the University and Connecticut Towers. (Kristin Wallace/UConn Health)

taking care of his catheter at home. His resistance was putting him at greater risk of infection. Rachel talked with his nurse, Gina Barlow, to see what she could do.

“Gina did a great job talking with him,” said Rachel.  “She was persistent in explaining what he needed to do and he finally agreed. I thought she deserved special recognition for most likely helping to prevent an infection.”

Rachel gave Gina a “Shout-Out” – by simply filling out a card and dropping it in the nearest “Staff Shout-Out” mailbox.

The Exemplary Practice/Clinical Excellence Shared Governance Committee came up with the idea which is working to improve engagement and workplace satisfaction.

“We know there are other awards, such as WOW and PAWS awards for when someone goes above and beyond, but the little things that we do for one another each day should also be recognized,” says Michelle DeLayo, Interim Director of Quality.  “For instance, coming up to a unit for a transferring patient (instead of waiting for that patient to come to you) because that unit is super busy, or just providing a shoulder for another who is having a tough day.”

The shout-outs are tallied every month and the person on each unit with the most shout-outs will receive a gift card presented at the monthly staff meeting. Shout-outs provided from another unit are worth double. The mailboxes are located on the interior walls of the patient elevator alcoves in the University and Connecticut Towers on all floors that have inpatient units. There are also mailboxes for the OB/Labor and Delivery, GI, OR/PACU, Cardio-pulmonary (2nd floor Connecticut Tower) and Radiology areas.