Congratulations to UConn Health’s “Best Docs”

UConn Health physicians are well represented in the January issue of Hartford Magazine, which includes their annual “Best Doctors” list. Once again, the list represents the wide range of specialty expertise and world-class care we offer to patients every day.

Anesthesiology Cardiovascular Disease Dermatology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Hand Surgery
Dr. Edward Grimes Dr. Steven R. Bergmann Dr. Jane M. Grant-Kels Dr. Andrew Arnold Dr. Joel B. Levine Dr. Patrick P. Coll Dr. Craig M. Rodner
Dr. Marc Paradis Dr. Peter Schulman Dr. Hanspaul S. Makkar Dr. Carl Malchoff Dr. Anne M. Kenny
Dr. Amir Tulchinsky Dr. Marti J. Rothe Dr. Pamela Taxel Dr. Margaret Rathier
Dr. James Charles Wickwire Dr. James D. Whalen Dr. Gail M. Sullivan
Dr. Diane Whitaker-Worth


Internal Medicine Medical Oncology & Hematology Nephrology Neurology Ob/Gyn Ophthalmology
Dr. Richard Abraham Dr. Frank M. Torti Dr. Andre A. Kaplan Dr. Agnes Jani-Acsadi Dr. Ramzi Alkass Dr. William H. Ehlers
Dr. Rebecca Andrews Dr. Louise Deborah McCullough Dr. Claudio A. Benadiva
Dr. Elizabeth Appel Dr. Molly A. Brewer
Dr. Lynn Kosowicz Dr. Winston A. Campbell
Dr. Thomas M. Manger Dr. Anthony A. Luciano
Dr. Michael Steinberg Dr. John C. Nulsen
Dr. Gail M. Sullivan Dr. Anne-Marie Prabulos
Dr. Phillip P. Smith


Orthopaedic Surgery Otolaryngology Pathology Pediatric Dermatology Pediatric Neonatal Medicine Psychiatry
Dr. Robert A. Arciero Dr. Denis Lafreniere Dr. Jane M. Grant-Kels Dr. Hanspaul S. Makkar Dr. Naveed Hussain Dr. David C. Steffens
Dr. Bruce D. Browner Dr. Gerald Leonard Dr. Diane Whitaker-Worth Dr. Andrew Winokur
Dr. Thomas M. DeBerardino Dr. Jeffrey D. Spiro
Dr. Augustus D. Mazzocca
Dr. Vinayak M. Sathe
Dr. Kevin Shea


Pulmonary Medicine Radiation Oncology Rheumatology Surgery Surgical Oncology Urology
Dr. Nausherwan K. Burki Dr. Robert J. Dowsett Dr. Micha Abeles Dr. Peter J. Deckers Dr. David W. McFadden Dr. Peter C. Albertsen
Dr. David W. McFadden Dr. Carl K. Gjertson
Dr. John A. Taylor III


Vascular Surgery
Dr. James O. Menzoian


Anthony Vella Named Immunology Chair

Anthony Vella has been named chair of the Department of Immunology at UConn Health. (click photo for high-res)
Anthony Vella has been named chair of the Department of Immunology at UConn Health. (click photo for high-res)

Anthony Vella has been named chair of the Department of Immunology at the UConn School of Medicine. A professor of immunology, Vella is a national leader in innovative research centered on T cell biology. His work has examined how adjuvants and costimulation enhance or modulate immune responses. Using a wide spectrum of technologies these studies have helped define mechanisms that control CD4 and CD8 T cell activation, tolerance, cytokine production, cell differentiation and survival.

Vella is also closely involved in multiple collaborative research projects designed to uncover new ways to diagnose and treat inflammatory-based diseases, as well as developing cancer immunotherapies and conducting biodefense research. He holds several NIH grants, serves on national grant review panels, is a member of AAI and other professional societies, previously served as director of the Immunology Graduate Program at UConn Health, and has mentored a number of Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows.

In 1986 Vella received his B.A. in Biology from SUNY Buffalo State, and in 1989 an M.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, N.Y.). His doctoral thesis was completed in 1993 in the laboratory of Dr. Edward Pearce, Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.), and conducted postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Drs. Philippa Marrack and John Kappler at National Jewish Health (Denver, Col.). After joining the UConn School of Medicine he was promoted to full professor in 2013, and has served on a variety of university administrative and education-related committees.

Free Shoes, Foot Exams for Homeless

Dr. Lauren Geaney, UConn Health foot and ankle specialist, provides a foot exam at the Salvation Army shelter in New Britain Nov. 25. Foot care providers volunteered at shelters throughout the country in the days leading up to Thanksgiving as part of the national “Our Hearts to Your Soles” campaign to provide shoes and foot care to those in need. (Chris DeFrancesco/UConn Health Photo)
Dr. Lauren Geaney, UConn Health foot and ankle specialist, provides a foot exam at the Salvation Army shelter in New Britain Nov. 25. Foot care providers volunteered at shelters throughout the country in the days leading up to Thanksgiving as part of the national “Our Hearts to Your Soles” campaign to provide shoes and foot care to those in need. (Chris DeFrancesco/UConn Health Photo)

The nationwide “Our Hearts to Your Soles” campaign was organized locally for the eighth year by Dr. Michael Aronow, former UConn Health physician who now practices privately. Joining him from UConn Health were cast technician Kathleen York, medical assistant Lori Engengrro, administrative program assistant Carmen Propiescus, and Dr. Lauren Geaney, foot and ankle surgeon.

Retailers donated the footwear and socks. Between the two shelters, the volunteers provided 33 pairs of shoes and left behind 69 additional pairs. They also took information from 10 other would-be recipients whose sizes weren’t immediately available so the proper sizes could be provided in the coming days


2015 UConn Health Headlines

August 2015

Aug. 13 (CT Health I-Team)
Calcium Poses No Increased Risk Of Cardiac Ailments In Women

Aug. 12 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
UConn Neurosport

Aug. 10 (WNPR)
Why Is It So Hard to Know How Good a Doctor Is?

Aug. 9 (ClearChannel)
UConn Health Outpatient Pavilion

Aug. 5 (KALW)
What are the public health implications of insufficient sleep? 

July 2015

July 22 (WNPR)
UConn Researchers Study High-Dose Flu Vaccine for Elderly

July 23 (High Profile)
UConn’s Ambulatory Care Center Consolidates Medical Services Under One Roof

July 20 (NBC CT)
Missing Teeth – More Common Than You Think

July 16 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Coast to Coast for a Cure Update From the Road

July 13 (Hartford Business Journal)
Will CT’s healthcare workforce be there?

July 9 (The Source)
Madison Residents Participate in Coast to Coast for a Cure

July 6 (NBC CT)
Summer Foot Care

July 1 (Pacific Daily News)
Attorney praises prison’s GMH partnership for pharmacy care

June 2015

June 24 (WILI)
Heart Health

June 22 (NBC CT)
Cookout Concerns

June 19 (Talk of CT)
Personalized Medicine

June 17 (Talk of CT)
UConn Health Outpatient Pavilion

June 17 (Hartford Business Journal)
UConn incubator adds three startups

June 12 (NBC CT)
UConn medical school names dean

June 10 (NBC CT)
Fertility Treatment Options

June 9 (WalletHub)
2015’s Best and Worst States for Teen Drivers

June 8 (NBC CT)
Focus on Men’s Health

June 7 (HCP Live)
Healthcare Behind Bars

June 7 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
10th Coast to Coast for a Cure

June 6 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Health Rounds Talks Cartilage

June 4 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Ebola update

June issue (Hartford Magazine)
Downey Sisters Raise Awareness Of Dangers of Mutated Breast Cancer Gene

May 2015

May 30 (News 8)
Jim Calhoun Walk and Ride raises money for medical research

May 30 (FOX CT)
Hundreds join Jim Calhoun for annual ride walk fundraiser

May 29 (Hartford Courant)
UConn Health Students Bike Cross Country For Cancer Research Fundraiser

May 29 (Hartford Courant)
UConn Medicine Student Receives National Award

May 28 (NBC CT)
Calhoun Ride/Walk Supports Research at UConn Health

May 28 (WNPR)
Connecticut Inventor Patents Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment

May 27 (West Hartford News)
Baron receives nursing award

May 26 (NBC CT)
Beware of Bug Season

May 26 (CT Mirror)
Mental health experts question police PTSD compromise

May 21 (Better CT)
Egg Freezing with UConn Fertility

May 20 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Calhoun Ride Funds Research Like Orthopedic Advances at UConn Health

May 20 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Healthy Vision Month

May 19 (Norwich Bulletin)
Dr. Anthony Alessi: Restraint key to avoiding pitching injuries

May 16 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
‘Healthy Rounds’ Explores Rheumatology

May 16 (Talk of Connecticut)
Staying Safe in the Sun

May 17 (Southington Observer)
Plantsville family raises funds for Angelman Syndrome Foundation

May 14 (CT News Junkie)
OP-ED | Sentencing Laws Should Be Informed By Science

May 13 (Newington Town Crier)
Newington woman honored for excellence in nursing

May 11 (NBC CT)
Angelman Syndrome Research

May 11 (The Conversation)
Bleed me: why excess iron can be dangerous

May 11 (CT Post)
Safe baby sleep habits focus of proposed law

May 10 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Missing Teeth – More Common Than You Think

May 10 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
UConn Health’s New Outpatient Pavilion

May 8 (WILI-AM)
UConn Health Classes of 2015

May 6 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Pacquiao’s Shoulder

May 4 ( NBC CT)
Which Sunscreen Is Best For You?

May 2 (Talk of CT)
Walk for Bladder Cancer

May 2  (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Bladder Cancer Walk

May 1 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Boxing Injuries in Advance of the Big Fight

April 2015

April 30 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Changes in Recommendations for Fluoride in the Water

April 29 (WILI)
Bladder Cancer

April 29 (Wilton Bulletin)
Education series explores complementary and integrative medicine

April 28 (WNPR)
UConn Cardiology Heart Health Tips

April 27 (NBC CT)
Surviving Spring Allergies

April 24 (Courant)
Home Remedies: When The Doctor Prescribes Duct Tape For Warts

April 20 (NBC CT)
Dental Solutions for Common Medical Problems

April 20 (Hartford Business Journal)
Aging population poses opportunities, challenges for state’s future

April 20 (The Conversation)
The mystery of breast cancer

April 19 (Channel 3)
White Coat Gala helps UConn be a pioneer in education

April 16 (Channel 3)
White Coat Gala with UConn Health

April 16 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Smaller Plates, Smaller Portions? Maybe Not

April 8 (Talk of CT)
Medical Marijuana Suitable for Kids?

April 6 (The Conversation)
A dark night is good for your health

April 5 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
How light at night can harm us


March 2015

March 31 (Food Navigator)
Smaller plates, smaller portions? Not always, says study

March 30 (Talk of CT)
Forensic Psychiatry and Psychiatric Autopsy

March 26 (Channel 3)
Toothbrush improves oral care, connects to cell phone

March 26 (Talk of CT)
Genetics and Cancer Risk

March 24 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
BRCA1 Gene Mutation, Cancer Risk, and Angelina Jolie

March 24 (medicalresearch.com)
Electric Lights Disrupts Human Circadian Rhythm

March 23 (KKSF Talk 910)
Artificial Light and Our Health

March 23 (Mental Floss)
How Your Computer Might Be Keeping You Up At Night

March 22 (Mother Nature Network)
Light at night can have serious effects

March 20 (WTIC 1080 News)
Match Day 2015

March 20 (Courant)
UConn Med Students On Match Day

March 20 (Talk of CT)
Concussion on the Mind

March 20 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Folic Acid Protective of Stroke?

March 20 (NewsMax TV)
Richard Stevens, Professor at UConn Health Center sounds the alarm on screen light

March 19 (CTV Toronto)
Is over-exposure to artificial light making us sick?

March 17 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
How Light at Night Can Threaten Your Health

March 16 (NBC CT)
Top 5 Household Poisoning Hazards

March 16 (CRN)
National Poison Prevention Week

March 16 (Daily Mail)
Cancer warning over lights in the bedroom: Fit blackout blinds and ban gadgets to avert disease, say experts

March 15 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080, 96.5 TIC-FM)
Interventional Pulmonolgy, a Relatively New Specialty

March 13 (WNPR)
Study Reinforces Growing Belief: Surgeons Can Safely Accept More Kidneys for Transplant

March 12 (FOX CT)
Top 5 Household Poisoning Hazards

March 11 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Lancet Article on Heart Disease Risk From Diabetes Drug

March 11 (Medscape)
Heart Failure Not Increased With Diabetes Drug Alogliptin?

March 7 (WTIC 1080 News)
Daylight Saving Time Returns

March 5 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Long Winter’s Toll on Mental Health

March 2 (Day)
Primary medical care getting renewed interest in region as mandatory insurance increases demand

March 1 (NBC CT)
Springing Ahead and Sleep


February 2015

Feb. 27 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Women’s Heart Care at UConn Health

Feb. 27 (foxnews.com)
Ovarian Cycle aims to raise awareness of ‘silent killer,’ funds for cancer research

Feb. 27 (Hartford Business Journal)
UConn Health adds four

Feb . 24 (Talk of CT)
“Molly” could be anything

Feb. 24 (Courant)
After 11 OD, Wesleyan President Urges Students To ID Sellers

Feb. 22 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
When “Good” Cholesterol Isn’t Good

Feb. 18 (Talk of CT)
Best types of exercise in the long run

Feb. 16 (NBC CT)
Snow Side-Effects

Feb. 12 (NBC CT)
Limiting Rest Is Found to Help Young Concussion Patients

Feb. 12 (FOX CT)
New Cholesterol Guidelines

Feb. 11 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Moderate exercise vs. high-intensity workouts

Feb. 5 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
The importance of vaccinations

Feb. 5 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
New Outpatient Pavilion Opens

Feb. 4 (C-HIT)
Racial, Ethnic Disparities Common In CT Hospital Readmissions

Feb. 3 (Talk of CT)
Measles making a comeback?

Feb. 2 (NBC CT)
UConn Outpatient Pavilion

Feb. 1 (MSNBC)
Parents steering kids away from football

Feb. 1 (West Hartford LIFE, Farmington LIFE)

Feb. 1 (LIFE monthlies, p. 80)
Seeking the ‘sunny’ side

Feb. 1 (LIFE monthlies, p. 83)
Fighting the flu

Feb. 1 (Connecticut)
40 Under 40: Class of 2015


January 2015

Jan. 29 (Herald)
Ribbon-cutting Feb. 11 at Farmington fertility facility

Jan. 28 (C-HIT)
Lawmakers Seek To Limit Use Of Shackles On Juveniles In Court

Jan. 28 (Talk of CT)
Avoiding Snow-removal Injuries

Jan. 22 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Medicaid and Pediatric Dental Care in CT

Jan. 22 (Time)
Why You Might Not Want To Mix Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Jan. 21 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Medicaid and Pediatric Dental Care in CT

Jan. 20 (FOX CT)
Flu prevention

Jan. 19 (FOX CT)
UConn Med Students Honor MLK

Jan. 19 (NBC CT)
Staying Well in Winter

Jan. 18 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Studying Hypertension and Cognitive Decline 

Jan. 16, 2015  (MedPage Today)
Friday Feedback: How Much Is Too Much Aspirin?

Jan. 14 (CT Post)
More frequent dental care linked to Medicaid change

Jan. 14 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
WTIC: Jury Still out on Opiod Drugs for Chronic Pain

Jan. 13 (Talk of CT)
Flu Update

Jan. 11 (WTIC Newstalk 1080, 96.5 TIC-FM)
Albert Institute for Bladder Cancer Care and Research

Jan. 6 (News 8)
New studies aim to help elderly fight flu

Jan. 6 (WTIC NewsTalk 1080)
Ebola, Flu Update

Jan. 5 (NBC CT)
New Look for the New Year

Jan. 5 (HBJ)
UConn incubator seeks partnerships beyond bioscience


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