Congratulations to UConn Health’s “Best Docs”

UConn Health physicians are well represented in the January issue of Hartford Magazine, which includes their annual “Best Doctors” list. Once again, the list represents the wide range of specialty expertise and world-class care we offer to patients every day.

Anesthesiology Cardiovascular Disease Dermatology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Hand Surgery
Dr. Edward Grimes Dr. Steven R. Bergmann Dr. Jane M. Grant-Kels Dr. Andrew Arnold Dr. Joel B. Levine Dr. Patrick P. Coll Dr. Craig M. Rodner
Dr. Marc Paradis Dr. Peter Schulman Dr. Hanspaul S. Makkar Dr. Carl Malchoff Dr. Anne M. Kenny
Dr. Amir Tulchinsky Dr. Marti J. Rothe Dr. Pamela Taxel Dr. Margaret Rathier
Dr. James Charles Wickwire Dr. James D. Whalen Dr. Gail M. Sullivan
Dr. Diane Whitaker-Worth


Internal Medicine Medical Oncology & Hematology Nephrology Neurology Ob/Gyn Ophthalmology
Dr. Richard Abraham Dr. Frank M. Torti Dr. Andre A. Kaplan Dr. Agnes Jani-Acsadi Dr. Ramzi Alkass Dr. William H. Ehlers
Dr. Rebecca Andrews Dr. Louise Deborah McCullough Dr. Claudio A. Benadiva
Dr. Elizabeth Appel Dr. Molly A. Brewer
Dr. Lynn Kosowicz Dr. Winston A. Campbell
Dr. Thomas M. Manger Dr. Anthony A. Luciano
Dr. Michael Steinberg Dr. John C. Nulsen
Dr. Gail M. Sullivan Dr. Anne-Marie Prabulos
Dr. Phillip P. Smith


Orthopaedic Surgery Otolaryngology Pathology Pediatric Dermatology Pediatric Neonatal Medicine Psychiatry
Dr. Robert A. Arciero Dr. Denis Lafreniere Dr. Jane M. Grant-Kels Dr. Hanspaul S. Makkar Dr. Naveed Hussain Dr. David C. Steffens
Dr. Bruce D. Browner Dr. Gerald Leonard Dr. Diane Whitaker-Worth Dr. Andrew Winokur
Dr. Thomas M. DeBerardino Dr. Jeffrey D. Spiro
Dr. Augustus D. Mazzocca
Dr. Vinayak M. Sathe
Dr. Kevin Shea


Pulmonary Medicine Radiation Oncology Rheumatology Surgery Surgical Oncology Urology
Dr. Nausherwan K. Burki Dr. Robert J. Dowsett Dr. Micha Abeles Dr. Peter J. Deckers Dr. David W. McFadden Dr. Peter C. Albertsen
Dr. David W. McFadden Dr. Carl K. Gjertson
Dr. John A. Taylor III


Vascular Surgery
Dr. James O. Menzoian