More Addresses Than 263 Farmington Ave.

UConn Health’s main campus has 12 buildings on 164 acres, yet it’s all considered a single address. In the age of GPS, that can make it tricky to find a specific location within 263 Farmington Ave.

Proposed address changes map detail
Wake up that GPS! (Click image for larger view)

What if we could instead have unique addresses for several of our buildings?

As we prepare our application to the town of Farmington on this matter, we’d like to share a draft plan with you and hear your thoughts and suggestions.

We’re thinking of the following changes:

  • Renaming the road leading to the University Tower “Hospital Drive”
  • Changing the rest of East Road to be an extension of Main Road
  • Renaming West Road “Academic Way”

These suggestions are illustrated here, with new hypothetical addresses for the University Tower, Building C, and the Academic Rotunda.

The Administrative Services Building, UConn Musculoskeletal Institute, and Outpatient Pavilion would have Dowling Way addresses, and the Creative Child Center would have a Circle Road address.

What do you think?

Please leave your comments below, or fill out our comment form.

4 thoughts on “More Addresses Than 263 Farmington Ave.

  1. I know I posted above about color coding signs and buildings but I need express my concern of the expense of changing the street names. For one you have to change all the street signs, all business cards, appointment cards, letterheads, envelopes, maps, etc. with all the budget cuts that have taken place at UConn paint seems to be an inexpensive start to a solution that is a real problem. Painting the arrows and or a building name a color that match a lets say a flag in front of the building seems cheaper, faster, less expensive. Also a curb that leads to a building could be followed if it is painted a certain color and a patient is told to follow the red, blue, green curb to your correct building. thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions.

  2. Main Road seems meaningless to any new arrival. Does it go to the “Main” entrance?
    Something with more association with a function would be better.
    Dental Drive
    Health Way
    Healthy Way
    Center Street
    UConn Health Boulevard

  3. Color code the signs , Red to the hospital, blue to Outpatient, Green to MSI and so on. Not all patients can read but most know their colors. Patients don’t have time to slow down and read all the street signs without someone behind them honking their horns. Colors are easy and no new road names to memorize and look for.
    263 A
    263 B
    263 C would also be an easy fix.

  4. There is likely a reason for the numbering system but, it seems to me as a view like random numbers which makes it difficult to remember. Couldn’t the addresses be in increments of 100? 100 Academic Way, 100 Main Road/200 Main Road/ 100 Dowling/200 Dowling/ 300 Dowling?

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