Getting Our Patients to the Portal

myHealthONEHave you signed up for myHealthONE, our new patient portal, yet? This is a convenient and empowering tool for our patients to manage their health, likely in ways they might not realize, including:

  • Viewing test results faster and easier than ever.
  • Messaging the office and avoiding telephone hold times.

What better way for our patients to learn about the benefits of myHealthONE than from the providers and staff with whom they come into contact every day? As faculty and staff, the more familiar we are with the portal’s features and advantages, the better equipped we are to share them with our patients. And if you already have signed up, please send your questions and feedback to; perhaps you’ll help identify ways to improve myHealthONE and make it more useful for everyone. When our patients use myHealthONE, we all win!

This was first reported in the June 14 Pulse. Watch for additional HealthONE updates in Lifeline, in the Pulse, at, and on Twitter @UConnHealthONE.