UHP and UConn Health Reach Agreement on Comp Time Balances

Due to employee inquiries, UHP and UConn Health have agreed to amend the Compensatory Time Memorandum of Agreement in order to afford affected employees additional time to increase amounts deferred to their 403b or 457 plans. Accordingly, compensatory time payments originally scheduled for payout in the pay period ending April 14 (check date April 29) will be delayed by one pay period and will be issued in the check dated May 13, 2016.

For employees who want to increase the 403b or 457 deferral for paycheck dated May 13, 2016, the applicable form (403b Contribution Rate Change or the 457 Contribution Rate Change) would need to be submitted directly to Prudential within the date range of 4/1/2016 – 4/15/2016 in accordance with the payroll cutoff schedule.

For those that then wish to decrease the deferral for the May 27, 2016 check, a subsequent form will need to be submitted to Prudential within the date range of 4/16/16 – 4/30/16.

If employees had already submitted forms to Prudential for the April 29, 2016 paycheck, they need to contact Amy Cason at the Office of the State Comptroller (860-702-3553) to postpone the deferral to the May 13, 2016 paycheck.

Additional Information:

  • Human Resources will notify employees via UConn Health email who have compensatory time balances above 130 hours no later than Monday, April 4.
  • Employees who wish to adjust their withholding for the pay cycle in which the payout is made may submit a new form W-4 by April 15. You must also submit a second W-4 if you do not wish your withholding to remain the same after the payout.
  • The payout will be made in the pay period ending April 28 that will appear in the check dated May 13, 2016.
  • Employees may request the use of any remaining historical compensatory time subject to the approval of management over the course of the next 20 months (until December 2017). Because compensatory time is a debt to the institution, UConn Health and UHP encourage individual employees and the applicable managers to develop a mutually agreed upon use schedule.
  • If the historical compensatory time cannot be used during the 20-month period, employees will be paid for the time in the pay period that ends December 21, 2017.
  • Remaining historical compensatory time balances will be kept separate from compensatory time that may accrue after March 31, 2016.  Newly accrued compensatory time will be administered consistent with the UHP contract.
  • A committee will be established to address requests for use of historical compensatory time that are “consistently denied.” The committee will have recommendation authority only. The discretion to approve/deny use of the time is maintained by management.

Employees with questions regarding this MOA are encouraged to contact UHP at 860-676-8444.

Managers with questions regarding this MOA should contact Labor Relations at 860-679-4375 or 860-679-8067.