HealthONE: Enabling ‘Care Everywhere’

UConn HealthONE logo 270x123Care Everywhere, the interoperability application within Epic (which powers UConn HealthONE), can be used to exchange patient data with other health care institutions, including Hartford Healthcare, St. Francis and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Today, organizations are using Care Everywhere to exchange more than 1.25 million patient records daily with other health care providers and government agencies such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Defense. Information can be exchanged directly between standards-compliant EHR systems or with the help of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Health Information Service Providers (HISPs).

Care Everywhere helps ensure that clinicians have the information they need to treat patients, both for unplanned transitions of care, such as visits to the emergency department, and planned transitions of care, such as referrals.

After the patient’s information goes into HealthONE, physicians can review it and reconcile discrete allergies, medications, problems, and immunizations in Care Everywhere documents with information in the patient’s local Epic chart. Reconciled data becomes a permanent part of the patient’s chart and is used to drive clinical decision support.

—From Epic UserWeb

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