Dr. Andy Agwunobi UMG General Medicine MA Team Shevonne White, Operating Room Catherine Kay, UMG-Rheumatology Patricia Joyce, UMG-Internal Medicine Laura Didden, Dental Dean’s Office Rashea Banks, Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health)

Human Resources is pleased to announce January 2017 PAWS award recipients. The award honors employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job and exhibit the following attributes: Part of a team; Awesome attitude; Wonderful work ethic; and Superior service.

Individual Winners: Rashea Banks, Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center; Doreen Barnofski, Dermatology Clinic; Laura Didden, Dental Dean’s Office; Marsha Dowling, UMG-Rheumatology; Cherayne Forknot-Gayle, Medical/Surgical 5 Unit; Patricia Joyce, UMG-Internal Medicine; Catherine Kay, UMG-Rheumatology; Ashley Schwartz, UMG-Rheumatology; and Shevonne White, Operating Room.

UMG General Medicine MA Team: Danielle Beaudoin, Wendy Carros, Stephanie Laster, Jenny Ojeda Rosado, Karolina Simko and Lucy Sokolsky.